Skiing at Mooney’s Bay

I had a free morning because the boys decided to go out to play with some other friends.  I knew I had to get out of the house because it was sunny and because it was -5.  There might not be that much -5 left this year  (we’ll see if I’m right or wrong about this).  Initially I thought I might go to the war museum… but then I decided that outside was the place to be.  Now that the canal is closed I was wondering what outside thing I could do that was close to home and didn’t involve walking (not that I don’t like walking, but I didn’t want to just walk for the sake of it).  Then I remembered that I could go skiing at Mooney’s bay. I’d never been – but figured this was a perfect chance.  I was not disappointed.  It’s certainly not the same as going skiing in Gatineau Park – but it is a fraction of the cost ($2.65) and is right in town. On a Sunday morning it didn’t take any time at all to drive out there.  There is a relatively flat 5 KM loop of trails that go through the orchard and along the beach.  For the outing I wanted it was perfect.  I got some fresh air, I got some exercise, it was close to home and I felt completely comfortable going by myself.  There was no chance I was going to get lost.

I recommend a ski at Mooney’s Bay for some quick fresh air and a little winter re-boot. It’s certainly not the wilderness – but it is still pretty and has the advantage of being cheap and close.


Winter Willow Tree


I wasn’t expecting to see this! This guy was learning how to paraglide – his instructor was yelling instructions from the bottom of the hill.


Mooney’s Bay Ski Trail – they have separate trails for skate skiing as well.


A view through the trees

For more info:

the Mooney’s Bay ski centre is run by the City of Ottawa and also offers Cross Country Ski Lessons and rentals throughout the winter.

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