Spring? Come out come out wherever you are!

Drinking wine - outside - with now mittens.  Life is good.

Drinking wine – outside – with no mittens. Life is good.

I like winter- I’ll say this right up front – I like snow and the way it looks. I think that snow helps to brighten up the dark darkest time of year.   I like to do winter sports and I love the feeling of being outside, all bundled up skiing or skating. This being said – I am also human and there comes a tipping point in every winter where you are suddenly DONE. My winter 2013 tipping point arrived two weekends ago. We rented a cottage with five other families for the weekend and set off for a lake in Quebec. We had skis packed and snowsuits and sleds for the little boys. The weather leading up to the weekend had been warm – but we were hoping for wintery temperatures so we could enjoy some winter sports while we were there. We got the winter sports – but we also got the warm temperatures – that teasing little glimpse of the warmer weather to come that’s so amazing for a northern person living in a cold climate. On the Saturday of our weekend away the temperature climbed to 10 degrees! Normally this would not be considered warm – but after a winter when -10 become a regular thing, + 10 feels amazing. There is something magical to me about being out in snow with short sleeves on, and no coat – it just never gets old.  I think it’s a throwback to childhood when snow automatically meant coats, and boots. I don’t remember many times when I was a kid that I was able to be in snow with no coat (and the times I can think of are all significant memories!  But last weekend was one of those times. We skiied across the lake (the ice is still very solid) in light shirts – even short sleeves – and we sat on the deck in the sun drinking beer while the boys napped. It was amazing. Some of us even got sun burns. I figured, yup, this is it… it’s now going to be spring.

Note: Skis, snow, SHORT SLEEVES - this is the winter "sweet spot"

Note: Skis, snow, SHORT SLEEVES – this is the winter “sweet spot”

OK fast forward to this weekend. After getting back from the cottage we had a couple warm days, it rained, some of the snow went away. And then it got cold again. Really cold. -10 kind of cold. Wait a minute… that’s not what I ordered!

Knowing that March is unpredictable and can still be fully a winter month doesn’t make it any easier when the weather has come along and said “na na na na na-na”.  However; instead of crying and sulking,  my sister and I decided we’d better go skiing –  and so, we enjoyed a great downhill ski morning out at Camp Fortune.  Maybe I would have preferred to be sitting on the deck in the sun with a beer – but hey – I live in Ottawa now. I have to suck it up and embrace my inner Canadian for a little while longer.

That doesn’t mean that I was excited about when the forecast announced we were to get 15 cm of snow on Tuesday.   But when it came – I decided to try and be zen about it, and appreciate the beauty that snow can bring (and it was beautiful) – even on the first day of spring!   I know that soon enough I’ll be complaining about how hot it is… I’m Canadian – and that’s just what we do.


If you can’t wear short sleeves… might as well go skiing!

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