Knitting the retrospective: Part III

As I mentioned at the end of my last knitting post – I didn’t want to knit an intarsia bike again.   However, significant friends continued to have children, and I wanted to keep knitting special custom sweaters for them to mark the occasions.  I had to find a way to knit for these milestones that didn’t involve quite so many little tiny balls of wool getting tangled up at the same time.  And so, the custom personalized Fair Isle was born.

Custom sweater – fair isle

I especially like this design and how the sweater worked out.  All the motifs on the sweater were chosen specifically for the parents.
From bottom to top:

  • Trees  because the parents met while working for the forest service.
  • Skiers because the mother had been quite a competitive skier in her youth and both parents enjoyed skiing and the mountains
  • Fish because both parents worked in fisheries in some capacity.
  • Houses – well these were a bit more random, however, everyone has a home and it filled in the space nicely.

I copied each of the pictures from a different pattern and made up the chart for the sweater myself, again using excel.  This sweater looks complicated but was actually much easier to knit than the bikes (or the skiier) because it is more of a fair isle type style sweater and so I only ever using two colours at a time  – yes it still got tangled up (I have not perfected the art of knitting without tangling) and yes, I had several million ends to weave in when I was done – but it was much much easier to manage and I didn’t vow to never knit it again when I was done.  This is an idea that I came back to again…   (to be continued!)


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