Knitting, the retrospective – (Part IV)

I just noticed that each knitting post has had a similar title, with very different punctuation.  No consistency here folks.

For the next sweater I went back to intarsia, where I said I wouldn’t go again.  I get a little carried away with the design and never really think about how hard it will be to knit.  This one wasn’t so bad.  There weren’t that many strands to carry at the same time.  I used a very random selection of yarn for this sweater – so had a few tension problems.

This sweater was for friends who’d spent time working as naturalists on a sailboat on the west coast of British Columbia. They had even had their wedding on a sailboat and I was lucky enough to attend.  It was beautiful.  They were ahead of the curve in childbearing and their first daughter was born before I started making custom sweaters – that meant that # 2 deserved a sweater.  Inspired by their wedding and summers on the boat, I came up with the idea of a sail boat with big fish jumping on it.  Some of the whale photos they brought back from their rips were simply amazing.  I don’t actually have a photo of this kid wearing the sweater – so we’ll have to use our imagination.  If I knit this again I would likely use more consistent yarn types and change the colours a bit, I’d also try to move the sun out from under the collar.  It’s not the most amazing sweater I’ve ever knit, but like all of them, it was knit with love.

Sail Boat Sweater

Sail Boat Sweater

Big jumping fish!

Big jumping fish!

The sailboat wedding was in 2005. I knit the sweater in 2010. Happy memories all around!

This really happened while on the boats for our friends sailboat wedding.

This really happened while on the boats for our friends’ sailboat wedding.  Perfect!

Every sailboat wedding needs welly boots!

Every sailboat wedding needs welly boots!


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