Knitting, the retrospective – (Part VI)

Part VI…  I’m going to get beyond my ability to write Roman Numerals before too long! (I’ll just have to switch to Arabic at that point, since I haven’t been big on consistency in these titles anyhow, it shouldn’t matter)

My next sweater project was a bit of a re-do of a previous one.  I had enough yarn from the first project to make another sweater of the same type, and by this time I had a little baby of my own (who sadly doesn’t have a custom knit sweater from his momma! – I made the bike train while I was pregnant with him, and finished it off when my parents came to visit just after the Boy was born – then I didn’t knit again for months).   Because I didn’t have a lot of time for knitting or creativity in the early momma days, I took the sweater from part III ( and changed it a bit to customize it for these friends.  I liked designing and making sweater III as well as the finished product and I was not sad to do a version of it again.

Notable changes include the addition of a row of bikes (now that I finally had a little bike chart – I was going to add it to as many projects as I could!) as well as the addition of a row of “antique saws” – to fit in with a particular hobby of the dad.  The fish stayed, (this friend is a Fisheries scientist), as do the skiers, (this friend also LOVES to ski).  The house is also significant for this couple as well.  The first time we met my friend’s boyfriend (who became her husband and father of her child) he was offering to sweep out the chimneys of the house that she had bought and was living in and trying to maintain on her own.  I don’t know if she knew it then, but at that moment I knew that he was a keeper.

the Front of the sweater

the Front of the sweater

the Back of the sweater

the Back of the sweater

These friends also got a bonus, experimental hat.

These friends also got a bonus, experimental hat.

I had a little bit of yarn left, so I knit a hat.  It was supposed to be for my Boy, but it was too small, so it was sent out west with the sweater.  It is not a wonderful hat at all. It’s a bit tall, and a bit bunchy, especially where the bikes were. In order to better maintain the tension, it should have been either all fair isle, or all stripes with no fair isle.  But as I’ve said before, I learn something new every time I make a sweater.  I think that their boy wore it a few times before he grew out of it!

I have no photos of the sweater being worn by its owner – but I’m sure he looked very cute.


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