Holiday Lights

The photo theme for this month was “Holiday Lights”.

As usual, I didn’t make it out with a tri-pod to get any really good shots. (every year, I tell myself that I’m going to do this, and every year, I don’t, usually because it’s too cold.  This year it was pretty cold!) So – I got some mediocre shots taken without a tripod instead.  I find it hard to get the exposure right when taking photos of Christmas lights in the dark.  This year was no exception.  Most of the photos I tried to take, I deleted, especially the close-ups of the lights and the ornaments.  I did take a few that I’m happy to share – here they are.


Christmas Eve dinner – by candle light.

I kind of like the "blurry" cheers.

I kind of like the “blurry” cheers.


And here’s the “blurry street” – but a little motion can give a fun effect.


Looking down our street on Christmas Eve


Our house, Christmas Eve


Looking out from our front porch: Christmas Eve.

Obligatory, slightly blurry Christmas Eve shot.

Obligatory, slightly blurry Christmas Eve tree shot.


A final photo of the Christmas Eve pizza- by candle light. We got the little tea light holder on our trip to Sweden a couple of years ago.