Knitting, the retrospective – (Part VII)

It’s been a hiatus of over a year since I blogged about sweaters or anything other than photos.  My free time has been spent on other creative pursuits without taking the time to document them.  Here at long last, I continue my sweater retrospective.  There are a few more to go.  However: the babies seem to be slowing down, so perhaps I will finish this project after all.

DSC_0016 DSC_0018This sweater continued on my previous theme of making a sweater with the specific interests of the parents in mind.  It was fun to design and relatively easy to knit since I only used two colours and it was largely a fair isle type design.  There were not many ends to weave in at the end and many really long floats.

The design has skiiers, and bikes for the parents favourite outdoor activities and bird for the dad’s academic pursuits and flowers and bugs for the mom, who studies pollination.  I love the red colour.  As usual, I was knitting this without knowing if the baby would be a girl or a boy.  It ended up being for a little boy.

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